Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Would You Ever Wood Bowl Made Over

I love the wood bowls displayed throughout the Pottery Barn catalogs.  I guess they were originally used for dough or something.  I think they’re the bee’s knees.  They make me feel like I live on a farm or something.  If you ever met me you would know that this is a ridiculous notion since I’m the farthest thing from country you could imagine.  Either way though, I LOVE (screamed at the top of my lungs) wood bowls right now! 
While perusing the thrift stores, I’ve been lucky enough to find a few of them and for the most part they’ve been cheap as nails.  Seriously, the most expensive one I’ve found was maybe $3.00 and these retail for $40 and that’s Target prices. 
The one I’m featuring here was $3.00 at Goodwill.  This one had some type of peacock thing painted inside it.  It was not only ugly, but gross too.  This big boy was guilty of ugly in the first degree! It needed TLC before getting onto to my table. 

See what I mean? Sorry about the Iphone picture.

I took the ugly off by stripping the “paint job” with furniture stripper.  After the paint was gone, I sanded it.  This process took a long time because the darn thing had so many layers of shiny polyurethane! 
Once all the gibberish in paint form was removed, I really began to appreciate the rustic look of it.  It took a little bit of elbow grease but all in all I can’t complain because I didn’t have to pay over $40 for a look that I’ll probably be over with in a few months. 

For $3 bucks I am totally happy with myself. 

Nydia 8)



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