Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Have Come To A Forsythia Floral Arrangement

Well hello again my fellow dot-comrades.  Thanks for checking in on my little blog.  I have for you today a quick little project I worked on for spring.  I revamped a pitcher vase that I had sitting around in my basement.  *Side note:  I say this a lot! 

People, I must be honest with you, I have a ton of crap in my basement!  My one goal in life is to decrappify it!  Someday this could be achieved, if only I would stop refilling it with more crap.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s organized in there but there are just too many things down there.  This particular pitcher vase had been a part of a previous project shown here. 
I didn’t think the look of the before was completely gross.  After all, my favorite colors are beige, cream, and light tan.  However, I knew I wanted forsythia blooms in it, so I decided to go with oil rubbed bronze instead.
Pop some forsythia blooms in it and we are ready to rock out spring.  That’s it my people.  Does it get easier than that?  Reuse, reduce, and recycle.  I need to work on the reduce part because I keep buying things, but that's another story.

Nydia 8)

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