Saturday, February 11, 2012

Make A Gum Ball Candy Machine Out of Flower Pots

This cute candy dish is made of a flower pot and a glass bowl.  How simple is that?!  I made one for my son's teacher and I made another one for me.  When I first saw these, I thought awesome something I can make with my limited abilities.  There is really nothing to these.  I think the hardest thing about them is deciding what color to paint them.

They are just darling looking and make a great handmade gift! 

This one stays with me.

First here's what you'll need:

That's one small clay pot, two water collection trays, they're usually found with the pots, one glass bowl, and a little wooden knob.  I found them all at Joann's Fabrics.  I think I got everything to make two of these for under $10 with a coupon.  The paint was free because I had it already.  Oh, I forgot you need Gorilla glue.

Step one: paint everything.

Step two: glue it all together like this.

I just put them together like this without glue to show you how it goes together.  You will need to paint it before gluing it.  

Optional step three: add a decal or a ribbon or whatever you want.  I added vinyl decals made using my Silhouette.

Step four: fill with candy.

Step five: walk around like there's a cape on your back because you, my friend, are a rock star!!!!

Here's another source of inspiration for you, go check this out and give her blog some lovin!

I love the use of the boa!  

Nydia 8)


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  3. How much do you charge to make these?

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