Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Sketch Print

This weekend as I looked around the house trying to keep myself busy, as if I'm not already busy enough, I came across a spare canvas that I had lying around in my craft closet.  I decided to use my loaf and come up with something Valentine's Day related.  To tell the truth, I don't have too many Valentine's Day decorations up.  With that being said, I took out my Silhouette and let it work its hocus pocus.  It truly is magic.

I had a cute sketch file from Silhouette on my computer and I decided to create this sweet little Valentine's Day print.  
Simple, cute, and free.  Also, it's low calorie. 

Some supplies you will need.  Check out those cute Silhouette sketching pens.  

I took the canvas as such and painted the edges red with some left over acrylic paint.

The sketch was made using the Silhouette sketching pens and some textured card stock.  Those little pens are so easy to use.  They just pop in and that's it. 

I made a "frame" around the sketch using pink textured card stock which I cut in strips.  

I cut some slits into the bottom edge of the "frame" and threaded ribbon through it.  

I attached the whole thing to the canvas with glue.  This was free, no cost, zero dinero.  

End scene.  Bow.  Close curtain.  Exit stage left.

As you can see this was a super easy project that took all of maybe 5 minutes if you bother to thread the ribbon at the bottom like I did.

Nydia 8)

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