Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make Your Own Newborn Baby Shoes

Do you want to look like a rock star at the next baby shower you attend?  Do you want your little princess to make all the other baby girls spit up with envy?  Check these out!  Aren't they as sweet as Nutella? My sister came over last night and showed me how to put these sweeties together.  The following is a tutorial with so many pictures that your head will spin!  

These are what they look like finished.  Trust me the pictures don't do them justice.  

This is what you will need.

Make four sole templates out of cardboard.  

Cut out four pieces of fabric large enough for at least a half inch overlap all the way around the cardboard templates. 

To make the box braid ribbon start with two tied ribbons.  We used plain white and another combination of pink and white.  

Make a loop with the white ribbon.  Make a loop with the pink ribbon.  Put the pink ribbon loop through the white ribbon loop and tighten the white ribbon.  Now you will hold a pink ribbon loop.  Make a white loop and put it through the pink loop. Tighten after each loop insertion. Keep doing this until you have the desired length.  

Place the template over the piece of fabric.

Using a glue gun, glue all the seams over to cover the template. 

This is what you'll end up with.

If you turn it over, it will look like this.  Much neater!  You will need two of these.  

Now to the other half.  Take the other template and glue down the middle like the picture. 

Place the stuffing over the glue.  Sorry about the picture quality.  These were done at night. 

You will then drape your fabric piece over the stuffing and turn it over for glue.

Glue all the edges over like this.  

These are the unstuffed piece and the stuffed piece together.  Remember you will need to make two of each for each shoe.  

Take one of your box braid ribbons and place it over the stuffed shoe template piece. You will glue under to attach it.  

This is the underside view.  Be sure to add two small ribbon loops to each side. 

You are now ready to sandwich the two pieces together.  You will take the unstuffed fabric covered template and glue it over the underside of the stuffed one.  Do this matching up the unfinished sides.  This will give your shoes a finished look.  

Use the box ribbon to cover the seams of the sandwiched pieces.  You will glue this all the way around and finish the ribbon in the back.  Don't worry if it's not perfect.  We just added a flower to cover any uneven seams. 

Add accent flowers and lacing ribbon and you have yourself a super cute pair of baby shoes!  

I hope you try your hand at these, but keep in mind that these can be a chocking hazard.  My sister is my hero for teaching me how to create these cuties!  Thanks sis.  

Nydia 8)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Phone Pouch DIY

Warning: The following post has a ton of pictures.

So I've had a bit of bad luck lately.  Yeah, it all started with the day I dropped my iphone in the toilet.  Gross!  Needless to say it was ruined and I had to run out and buy another one.  That was frustrating but it got me thinking about future prevention.  That's where this little phone pouch comes in.  See the reason I dropped my phone in my own pee is because it was in my pocket.  I vowed to never let this happen to me again, so I got to work.  I should say however, that I claim to have absolutely no sewing experience or talent.  I wish I did but I'm just not that talented.  Someday maybe.

I had a bit of left over fabric scraps which were just the right size to sew a little envelope pouch.  All I did was sew around the edges and turn it inside out.  I ironed it out and then I used a grommet kit to put the grommet in.  I already had the supplies on hand.  The only thing I had to buy was the key ring and the toggle thingy.  I don't know what either one is called but you get the idea.  Sorry, I don't have the step by step pictures but this project was fueled by pure hatred of the Apple folks and their lack of waterproofing abilities.  Seriously though, why hasn't Apple made the attempt to create some waterproof merchandise?!

Here's the little iphone pouch. She's kind of cute. No more pee phone!

Here she is hanging off of my work lanyard.

Here she is hanging off of my handbag.  

No more digging through my purse to find this little sucker!

Here she is hanging from my belt loops.  No more back pocket phone slips into pee filled toilets.  Now that this problem has been solved, onto world peace!

Nydia 8)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


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