Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dollar Store Spring Tulip Wreath

We haven't had a proper winter here in southern New Jersey.  I'm not complaining because I'm not much of a winter person, but can I tell you, a girl can get used to 50 to 60 degrees in February.  This is such a stark contrast to last year's snowpocalypse!  All this spring type weather has me chomping at the bit for spring.  I have official spring fever!!! Is it too early though?  Nah.

Ahhh this thing called spring.  The thing that has me watching chick flicks, whistling in my galoshes, and longing for spring break.  The funny thing is I literally just took my Christmas lights down.  Yeah, I'm kind of a hit with the neighbors.

In honor of spring I've created this wreath.

It's made out of dollar store materials!  I bought a wreath form for a $1.70 at the not dollar store and the tulips were all from the dollar store.  I really like the happy colors in the tulips!

Stick the stems directly into this and you'll have yourself a lovely wreath in no time.  YOU'RE WELCOME!  

So basically this wreath is made of a bunch of tulips stuck into and glued onto a wreath form.  I tucked leaves in to cover any bald spots.  It took all of 30 minutes to make and now I have plenty of time to go wax all the hair I grew for winter warmth.  Enjoy!


  1. I love tulips! I think it looks great! I am ready for spring!

  2. Thank you Beth this little wreath really put a spring in my step. No pun intended.

  3. Yesterday I found a bird sitting inside this wreath. That was the best complement on it yet.



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