Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Naughty Boy Discipline System

Ok get your mind out of the gutter.  This is a family blog.  I thought I would share with you how I discipline my SUN when he misbehaves, without having to resort to losing my mind.  It's a really simple system that if used early enough can become SUPER effective.  You see, small children want to please their caregivers but often forget rules and such.  They tend to be visual learners.  I'm a teacher and I can tell you this WORKS! 

I use Naughty Boys as a way to keep track of my son's behavior.  These were originally clothes pins.  I basically made angry little boy faces with crossed arms and magnetized the back of them.  When my little one is not being a good boy, I warn him about receiving a Naughty Boy Stick.  He straightens right up.  It's wild how well this works.  You see the last thing he wants to see is a row of angry faces stuck on the fridge to remind him of what he is about to lose.  You can customize the punishment.  Say for every naughty boy stick 15 minutes of timeout and at 3 naughty boys loss of a toy, etc. 

These little guys are so cute, I almost want him to get in trouble.  LOL!  I think my daughter feels the same way because she keeps trying to set him up! 

Regular Clothes Pins

Sketched in pencil

I used paint pens to make these SO STINKIN CUTE!  There are magnets attached to the backs. 

Nydia 8)


  1. I love this Idea! Also these angry boys are so cute. I cant wait to try these.

  2. HIlarious! Those are pretty cute. And a good idea.

  3. ohh good idea and really cute!

  4. So funny!! I can see this working. :) I'd love for you to link up to Wow Me Wednesday!



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