Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing Rough About A Ruffle Necklace

I recently became inspired after seeing a few ruffled necklaces on the blog-o-sphere and decided to try making my own out of scrap I already had.  There's nothing quite like turning garbage into usable things that gives me such satisfaction.  You know keeping things out of landfills is just so sexy to me. 

Here's how this cute necklace came together:

First, the materials you will need: a needle nose plier, a chain, a clasp, and a piece of scrap fabric. 
The fabric is a piece cut out of my husband's old slacks. 

All I did was fold the fabric over the chain and stitch along the edge while ruffling the fabric.  That is all folks.  Oh, I also added buttons for a decorative touch. 

I wanted to show you how it looks on.  These are my Pilates clothes, I won't be wearing it like this.  I was thinking of wearing it with a structured snug fitting dress since the necklace has a men's wear feel to it, we'll see. 

Nydia 8)



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