Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas In A Can Christmas Arrangement

Is there any site in the internet that inspires more than Pinterest?  I don't think so.  I saw this little project posted there and I instantly fell in love with its quirkiness.  I mean, this is recycling at its finest.  So I created my own version and here it is.

I am not a patient person, therefore all the things I make need to be easy and take a microwave minute to finish.  This was not one of those projects, but I was on a roll with excitement.  I was fueled with the thought of the finished product.

I think the original is made out of a coffee can.  Mine is made out of a soda cracker can.  I am obsessed with eating soda crackers!  They are delicious and crispy, nom, nom, nom.  Anywho, I eat a lot of these so I have plenty of these large cans around.  I don't like to throw them out so I reuse them here are some projects I've made with them.  A Ballard Designs knocked off dog food container. Home accent piece.   Pretty Monogrammed storage container.

Fugly can that no longer contains goodies.

I took this can.  And I spray painted it red with left over paint from this project.  Then I cut some black pleather left over from this project and I used a glue gun to attach it like a belt.  The belt buckle was made from cutting a soda can into the shape of a buckle.

I went into my yard and took clippings from various pines and placed those into some floral foam inside the can.  I sprayed the clippings with spray snow to give it a snowy look.

To make the letters, I took a piece of foam board, free handed letters onto it and cut them out.  I spread glue on them and sprinkled glitter all over them.  Then I stuck some left over bbq skewers and placed them into the floral foam.

The final touch was adding the ornaments.  Those were left over from last year.  I can't get over how adorable this is.  And best of all, I recycled so many things!

Nydia 8)

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