Friday, December 16, 2011

Make Your Own Popsicle Stick Bracelets

This is such an easy craft to do with kids!  You could make a ton of them in one sitting and give them out as Christmahanukwanza gifts.  Aren't they super cute?!

Here's what you'll need:

  • large tongue depressor popsicle sticks as many as you like
  • a pot to hold both water and sticks
  • pretty paper or fabric or paints
  • glue 
  • scissors
  • a pvc pipe or glass with a narrow opening

First you will want to boil your sticks to make them pliable. Once you've boiled them for an acceptable amount of time, just take them out and check how bendy they are.  If they are extra bendy, you can begin to curl them into the pvc or glass depending on how tiny the wrists of the wearers will be.   

Take care to bend them slowly so as not to break them.  I used a pvc pipe because I have puny wrists and I wanted snug bracelets.  I let my bracelets dry inside the pipe for two days because I have the memory of a dead squirrel.  You only have to wait a day.  

When I finally remembered to check on the bracelets they were completely dried and ready for decorating. I decided to use decorative papers in patterns that I like.  All I did at this point was add glue to a small length of paper and place it onto the bracelet.  I let this dry and when it was completely dried, I cut the overlapping excess paper.  

To finish the bracelets off, I simply used a paint marker in a complimentary color to paint the raw edges and I sealed the whole thing with Modge Podge.  

These make cute stocking stuffers, fundraisers, classmate gifts, etc.  Try some with your shorties over the winter break.  At the very least they will keep from destroying your home.

Nydia 8)


  1. I like this idea...doesn't sound too difficult and the finished product looks neat! Thanks for sharing it.



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