Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Joy Wood Vase Christmas Arrangement

Post Christmas sales are the best. Aren't they? That's the time of year when you find everything you already paid full price for, on sale at 90% off. Isn't that precious?! It makes me want to tear someones eyelashes out! Last year I found a couple of wooden joy vases, at least I think they are vases, for $1.00 a piece at my local craft store. I snapped them up so quick, I almost created a sonic boom. I didn't know what I would do with them, but the potential was clearly there.

 This year when I pulled these puppies out, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Here's what they ended up looking like once I was done working my magic.

 Elegance. Pure elegance, I tell you. Ok I'm an encyclopedia dramatica. Please forgive me, but I love them. 

 Here's what they looked like before. Plain Jane aren't they.

 I spray painted them red with some left over spray paint. I tell you I've made like 4 projects with that same can of paint!

 My next step was to add height with some pine clippings from the yard. Geez, I hope all this clipping doesn't kill my evergreens. They're practically bald.

 Last but not least, I added some charming little handmade poinsettia ornaments. I'll post about those tomorrow so stay tuned. These cost two whole dollars to make! What?! Yep $2.00!

Nydia 8)

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