Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ornaments Made Out of Aluminum Cans

So are you looking for a way to reuse a soda can?  Yeah, I thought you were.  Here are some easy ornaments you can make using an empty aluminum can.

This poinsettia is made out of a can of soda.  Go figure.  

Here's another example of soda can ornaments.

Here's another one.  This one is glittery.

Ok so here's a quick tutorial on how to make one.  

Drink some soda pop and cut out the top and bottom.

Trace a star shape onto the aluminum and cut that shape out.

See this is all you need. 

Use something to crimp folds into the star shape.

Here is a five point star.  

Here is a six point star.  This one became the poinsettia.  Notice that I primed it. 

I painted them red and used puff paint for the centers. 
Your last step is poking holes through them with a nail and hanging them.  


Nydia 8)

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  1. Pretty cute're so creative! Mel



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