Monday, January 10, 2011

Tray Magnific!

Ok maybe not so tre magnific but what do you expect for $2.00?  I really liked the shape of this tray.  What's not to love about square?  The chippy, glossy, slightly glittery red color, um not so much.  Don't get me wrong, red is fine.  It was the chippy paint I couldn't stand.  Besides, I bought this tray because it reminded me of one I saw at Crate and Barrel which just so happened to be black and white.  So I put it out in its red state during the holidays and it suited the scenery just fine.  After the holidays it was a different story.  A makeover was in order.  And since I'm the queen of spray paint makeovers (slight exageration), I did exactly that.  I gave it a spray paint makeover.  Oh it resisted, but I insisted and persisted until it existed as a black and white tray.  I'm a lyrical genious!  WAHAHA! 

Here is the tray in its pre makeover state.  Also known as the BEFORE.

Here she is post makeover.  Also known as the AFTER.

This project was my most HATED yet!  It fought paint tooth and nail!  Of course it doesn't help that I didn't sand or prime it.  I might change it again in the near future.  I need some time to heal though. 

Nydia  8)

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