Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Throw Out The Floral Arrangement With The Bathwater

I don't know what came over me?  Have you ever bought something at a thrift store simply because it was cheap?  That happens to me when ever I go in to Goodwill.  My eyes just fill with joy at all the cheap potential and I grab everything I see!  My sister usually acts as the voice of reason and convinces me to put some of the junk back.  Trust me people, without my sister I would be the next featured on Hoarders!

Well on one Goodwill trip my sister was unable to make it and so I brought my daughter along.  She's powerless against me and so I came home with more crap than anyone could possibly need.  That's ok though because as punishment I grounded myself from going back until I put everything I bought to use. 

One of the things I found was this uggo thing:

What the HECK was I thinking?! What's up with the tulips drooping down the side? 

When I saw this, I knew I liked the container.  It reminded me of an antique pitcher.  I think I saw something like it in a Ballard Design catalog or something.  Anyway my point is I was going to throw out the flowers.  But then I came up with a better solution; make a floral arrangement. 

I got the idea from a Lifestyle magazine article I read years ago.  It was about the floral arrangements of the stars.  In it was this square glass vase with low flowers and a long leaf wrapped inside.  I fell in LURVE! 

Here's how I went about making a copy on the cheap:

Flowers on death row. 

Purchased leaf for $4.00.

Wound that leaf inside this $1.00 Goodwill vase.

Flowers on the cheap.  I think they're cute!  Sorry about the awful night picture.

So, the moral of the story is: I'm always right!  So let me buy all the junk I want!!!!

Nydia 8)

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