Friday, January 28, 2011

My 101 in 1001 List of Goals

As I mentioned here, a year ago I created a list of goals I wanted to accomplish within 3 years-hence 1001. This list was inspired by a few other lists I saw out there in blogdom.  I wanted to make changes to add quality to my life.  There wasn't anything terribly wrong but it could have been better.  I guess you could say I wasn't really paying attention.  I wanted something I could look back on and say, "Wow I did these things!"  It began around the same time that everyone else was making resolutions and we all know how those go.  Thus was birthed my 101 in 1001.  I recommend it highly and a few others who have followed suit have managed to accomplish some pretty awesome things.  Here's my list:

My 101 in 1001.

Goal completion date Jan 6, 2013

1.swim under a waterfall (who wouldn't like to do that?)
2. celebrate new years in style (instead of on the couch like a scaredy cat-drunk drivers)
3. visit disney (my kids aren't really that into this-shocker!)
4. be and stay completely debt free (i hate paying interest-I love Dave Ramsey)
5. own a SUV (i drive a paid for Volkswagon.  i need something nicer.  i need to save)
6. send a kid to college (my daughter)
7. make money that doesn’t require me to work for it(completed 11/1/10 found $41)
8. learn to do something completely new(completed 11/01/10 refinish furniture)
9. see a broadway play in New York!
10. exercise routinely at least 2 times per week (completed)
11. finish master’s degree (I'm on the fence about this one since teacher's are so under paid even with a master's it might not be worth the investment)
12. save $10000 cash. (part of that emergency fund Dave Ramsey talks about)
13. take another cruise
14. celebrate my moms 60th birthday in style
15. read 50 books (4/50) (Call of the Wild, Alice in Wonderland, A Letter to my Daughter, Stuff White People Like)
16. make 1000 on ebay
17. own an expensive handbag (i cringe at the prices)
18. own an expensive watch (who wears a watch anymore?)
19. go see a pro game live with kids
20. go camping (not my cup of tea but i think the kids would love to see me suffer)
21. run the entire length of my block (i can't even run the length of my driveway!)
22. learn to knit (good enough for a hat, some mittens, and some socks)
23. start a collection and amass at least 20 of those items (4/20) ( i collect straw hats - go figure)
24. make someone’s Christmas special
25. cook one new recipe a month (4/36)
26. keep my house cleaner (completed - we developed a plan i will discuss that in a future post)
27. finish hardwood floors (completed 7-2010)
28. redo cement around pool
 29. change my hair drastically
30. win something
31. eat somewhere exclusive (like The Four Seasons or Twenty One etc)
32. eat vegetables for a week
33. travel somewhere I’ve never been (has to be new country or island etc)
34. get botox
35. reduce my carbon footprint (complete - i've changed some habits permanently)
36. be at my goal weight of 106 (complete - happened briefly but hey that still counts)
37. make a new friend (this is a tough one for me)
38. get my whole house decorated and painted
39. take a road trip (8-13-10)
40. have a Martha stewart ish dinner party
41. clean the windows
42. visit a museum (done 5/1/10)
43. send my nephew and nieces letters in the mail (0/9) (these kids are hard to love- i'm not joking)
44. try Indian food
45. go to new york during Christmas
46. visit with old friends in Massachussetts (8-13-10)
47. see my sister odalys
48. create a work of art (complete 1-11-11)
49. connect with 100 friends on facebook (Completed 4-22-10)
50. go for three different weeks without buying anything (1/3)
51. see a movie at Imax
52. get a passport
53. give a bottle of wine, some cheese and fancy crackers to moms recluse neighbor
54. build a snowman (this one's a challenge since I HATE being cold!)
55. send thank you notes for small unexpected reasons (0/30)
56. sew an item of clothing (complete 1-23-11)
57. attend a formal event
58. let my nephew sleepover(5-15-10)
59. make a piece of jewelry (8-26-10)
60. enter wine in a competition (more about this in a later post)
61. take a dance class again
62. become cpr certified
63. visit a new state
 64. go apple picking
65. make a birthday cake for someone(7-18-10)
66. swim with dolphins
67. Take 101 pictures of things that make me happy (15/101)
68. take a ride on a train
69. eat at 15 new restaurants (5/15) Panico's, daves BBQ, max's BBQ, Dynasty, Terra Nuova, California Pizza Kitchen)
70. take 30 bike rides (4/30)
71. finish my will and living will
72. own another house
73. start diaries for my kids to read in the future (i am thinking about letting this blog and facebook count as this because writing into a journal sucks!)
74. learn about a new religion
75. start a garden of things we will eat
76. create a photo album for my mom of her mom
77. submit davids video to America’s funniest home videos ( i am in possesion of the most hilarious video!)
78. watch 101 new movies (8/101) (How to Train your Dragon, Donnie darko, waking life, breakfast at tiffany's, The Blind Side, Avatar, despicable me. Funny People, red eye, Cocktails)
79. organize photos by buying a scanner and create photo books
80. donate 10 dollars for every item not complete to a needy family
81. work out 3 times a week for one whole month take a before and after pic (completed this summer- i lost 13 lbs and looked fab then the holidays came.  i might do this one again)
82. buy a really good camera - by my standards good (6/16/10)
83. learn how to use the really good camera
84. go fishing
85. get espresso machine fixed (completed)
86. replace bathroom window(6/23/10)
87. plant a tree in honor of my grandmother
88. open another savings/investment account and contribute to it automatically
89. take a picture of myself everyday for a year (just to see how i age)
90. take my MATs
91. host a themed party
92. get braces for me
93. get braces for nat
94. have my wisdom tooth removed (major overcoming of fear here)
95. finish my weekly to do list completely for once
96. build a sand castle
97. make white wine
98. detail my car
99. keep my car clean for a whole month
100. start a website (completed 12-26-10 - my blog counts )
101. build a pergola

There you have it folks.  I've completed quite a few things and I've even had volunteers help me with some.  Give it a try and if you do please keep me posted of your progress.  Stay happy friends! 


  1. great list! i will do a list this weekend before my winter blues party starts!

  2. You won't believe how many things you'll accomplish in three years! One friend that tried this has already lost 30 lbs. Best of all you'll be able to look back at your list and see where you started. Alot can change in 1001 days!Good luck!

  3. I have a bucket list on my blog too. It is just before I die not a set number of days. Good luck ;)

  4. I don't even have time to make this list!



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