Tuesday, January 4, 2011

May No Appointment Be Forgot (Auld Lang Syne Style)

     In 2011 I've resolved to keep up with my appointments and my to do list. 
     I almost kept a straight face as I typed this.  Yeah right!  I'll probably fall off that wagon in no time.  A visible calendar was my only solution.  The problem with calendars is they need to be out where they can be glanced at occasionally.  Caveat!  Mine usually end up in the bottomless pit of my junk drawer.  It's not until I get a nasty call from the dentist's office about my missed appointment that I actually even remember to peek at it.  Don't you hate that?!  Ugghhh!   It makes me feel like such a bad parent! 

     I tried the whole putting crap on the fridge as a reminder nonsense and that didn't really work either because my refrigerator ended up looking like this. 

    Fret no more because I've found the solution!  I was looking at Martha's site (we're on a first name basis here) and saw a chalkboard calendar that had been painted directly onto the wall.  As beautifully organized as that would make me, I think my husband would have a conniption if I took to painting the walls with black chalkboard paint.  Could you imagine?  The headlines would read: Chalkboard Paint Causes Local Man to Connip and Choke His Wife.  I know connip is not an actual word but you get the idea.  This chalkboard wall inspired me and this is what I did. 

I went out and picked up seven of these wood plaque thingies.  One for every day of the week.  Duh!

I primed them because I'm a good girl and I follow the rules.  (It said so on the can.)

Then I hit the plaques with like 10 coats of chalkboard spray paint, glued on a magnetic sheet to the back, slapped on some little letters and viola! 

A less junky looking refrigerator!  

*Disclaimer- I'll probably put my pictures back up because my kids will think I've stopped loving them.    

Nydia 8)


  1. Very creative, Nydia! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. I'd like to do this to cover my mismatched white fridge...


    I'd love if you could link up to Creative Juice Thursdays...my readers would adore this project...

    nicolette @



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