Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I have a confession to make.  I was a Ballard Design virgin up until this summer.  I received a catalog in error.  Shhh... don't tell my neighbor.  She thinks it got lost in the mail.  As I thumbed through the pages, I became more and more enamoured with the gorgeous antique-like mirrors they were pandering.  I use the term pandering because let's face it these types of stores profit from our vices-the constant need to make our homes into show places.  Off the soap box now.  Moving on... I too wanted a fancy antiquey (word?) mirror for my home but alas I had no gold doubloons.  This lass needed to come up with a plan.  Off to Goodwill I went.  Tra-la-la. 

I knew the type of mirror I needed had to be ornate and rather large.  The Goodwill gods must have been shining down on me that day because as I passed the ladies pajamas and intimates(ewww) section, I came across a rather large, moderately ornate mirror that called out my name.  It said, "Nydia child if you leave me here to rot you'll never forgive yourself."  Because I am a good girl who listens to the voices, I lifted that heavy creature and trudged over to the register.  It was HEAVY!  I handed fifteen crumpled dollars to the lady at the register who always looks at me funny.  She just doesn't get me.  I understand.  Nothing personal. 

Ok this story is going the distance, time to wrap it up.  So I got the mirror home, threw it on the grass and proceed to give it a makeunder.  First I primed it and spray painted it an antique white color.  As such:

Then, I took some left over walnut stain and spread some on and wiped it off.  I did this so that the little details would be emphasized.  I recommend using a glazing medium.  I was too cheap to spend any more money on this and too lazy to run down to the Home Depot for some glaze.  Either way the mirror ended up just like I had anticipated.  Score one for the home team!  Here's the mirror hanging in my ever evolving livingroom.  

*My son asked me why I made the mirror dirty.  LOL Boys!

Nydia 8)


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  1. Thrift store employees always give me the weird looks too! I guess they just can't understand why I would want the picture frames with the broken glass!

    Wonderful mirror makeover, it looks perfect over your couch!




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