Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How's The Weather Up There?

Don't you just love the little cake plates popping up everywhere?  Well... I wanted some so badly!  I wanted to display cakes and fruits and cheeses alike.  So here's what I did.  Rumor had it that Goodwill often has these little dome thingies on sale.  So I grabbed a wad of cash, ran a couple of red lights (I kid.), pushed a few old ladies out of the way and snatched up not one, not two, not four, but THREE cake domes!  That's right three whole glorious cake domes.  No bottoms though, bummer.  No worries though because a couple of aisles further down were three cake plates!  I heard a choir of angels sing when the domes fit perfectly over them.  (True story)  I took my booty, as in treasure and butt, over to the register and paid the rediculous Neiman Marcus price of, get this, $12.00!  What?!  What the heck?   That's probably what they cost on sale at the local Target.  Oh well.  Cash exchanged hands and I was out that door.  I swear the people at GW think I'm nuts!  Come to think of it; a lot of people think I'm nuts!  (Come to think of it $12.00 for 3 cake domes isn't that bad.)

These little plates and their dome covers made the rounds on like every solid surface of my home.  Really.  I put them everywhere thinking I would find a "look" for them.  To no avail, because I just didn't love them once I had them at home.  Know the feeling?  They were short and stumpy and just plain blah.  I like tall dark and handsome.  You know what I mean?  Still for three months I tried working things out.  Until the other day when I couldn't take it anymore.  I was de-Christmafying the house and I found these grody candle holders.

 I held them and tried to look past their uggo looks.  That's when a light bulb popped up over my head.(no not literally)  I knew then and there that I was onto something.  When I put the cake domes together with the candle holders it was a match made in  Did you think I would say heaven? 

Here's what my little ladies look like now: 

I LOVE how tall and leggy they look!  Didn't use the third one.  I'll find something else for her to do.

Nydia  8)

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  1. So clever! And I appreciate your brand of nuttiness seeing as I'm one myself--hahhahha

  2. Love this idea...very unique take on this idea!

  3. How clever, and isn't it fun putting your own signature on your finds?



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