Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She's Got The World by The Beeeeeppppp!

True story: I was sitting at my desk when a globe fell onto my lunch!  Nasty!  Lean Cuisine went all over the place.  As I cleared up the mess, I realized the little globe didn't need to be thrown out; just cleaned up.  Still the damage had been done.  So here's the fix I came up with.  A little paper mache to fix the cracks, a little oil rubbed bronze for the holder thingie, and some handy dandy chalkboard paint.  About two hours later:  A Pottery Barn-ish type chalkboard globe decor thing (mouthful) for my sun's room.  Yea!  I win at life! 

 This is what I had to work with.

This is the fruits of my labor.

Not bad for free junk!  Let's recap, shall we?  Started off with junk, turned it into less junky junk.  So let's look at that mathematical formula. { -junk + supplies on hand x time = Pottery Barn Knockoff}  

Nydia  8)

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