Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick and Cheap Halloween Wreath

I had a grody grapevine wreath form that I was throwing out last year around Christmas and as I put it into the garbage, I realized how wasteful it was to just toss it.  I decided it was too blah for a Christmas wreath, so it became a Halloween wreath instead.

So, basically all I did was spray paint the form black.  I had some Halloween wired ribbon that I found at a deep discount at AC Moore around Thanksgiving time.  Don't you just love it when you find the holiday decor at 75 to 90 percent off?  I think I paid like $1.50 for two spools. 

I cut the wired ribbon into strips and tied the strips around the form.  That's it. 

Oh but wait, that's not it!  I took a sign that I paid 75 cents for and wired that puppy on to it.  By the way the sign was also at a deep discount.  Score!!!! Now that's it.  

I hung it on the door as such. 

If you are interested in the mummy check out this post on how to make it. 

So I got a totally original Halloween wreath for $2.25.  Hold your applause people, Nydia has left the building. 

Nydia 8)

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