Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween DIY Weather Proof Mummy

I want to show you a cheap way to make a really cool Halloween prop. 

Last Halloween, before I started this blog, I made a life size mummy. 

I love this stupid thing!

Now that I have a captive audience, I'll reveal the magic behind making one of these.  They're actually quite simple and fun to make. 

Here's your supply list:
silver duct tape
white duct tape
a wig form (optional)
old clothes
Something to weigh down your creation (I used sand.)
Newspapers to stuff it with
A willing participant (or in my case, not so willing)

Here's how to put it together:

Step 1. Nab somebody.  Just kidding.  Find a volunteer.  It's legal that way.  I guilted my daughter into it.  

Step 2. Dress them in old clothes that are too large for them.  (This way the tape doesn't stick to their skin.)

Step 3. Wrap this person in cheap silver duct tape.  Do this completely and one section at a time.  For example- do the bottom half of the body then have them slip out of the mold.  Then do the top half of the body and cut the mold off down the back.  You can have them pose their arms in any mummy position. 

She's just so interested in mom's creativity.

Step 4.  Weigh down the mummy feet with sand so it will stand up on its own.  Stuff the bottom portion of the mummy body with light materials such as newspaper.  Attach the top part to the bottom part and continue to stuff it.  Be sure to tape up the back too.  Carefully stuff the arms so they don't lose their shape.  Be sure to leave the neck area open. 

Step 5. Place your wig form into the mummy neck and tape over it to attach it. 

Shaping the arms.

Step 6. Once you've built a solid form, your next step is to cover the whole thing in white duct tape.  Go over the entire body making sure to leave no spots exposed.  This is especially true if you plan on putting it outside like I did. 

Step 7. This is totally optional but it you have guaze or creepy cloth or even cheese cloth, you can go ahead and wrap your mummy up in that too.  This will give it a look of authenticity. 

I hope you give this one a try.  It's a neat project to do with your kids and a great way to reuse all the newspapers piling up in the recycling bin. 

Nydia 8)


  1. Nice post! I love it! Halloween is just around the corner so I am searching for some nice homemade halloween costume ideas to try this year's Halloween. Thanks to you I just get some idea. thanks and keep sharing nice ideas.

    ~ Barbara



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