Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Toe Tag Invitations

This year I’ve decided to try my hand at hosting a Halloween party.  As if I don’t have enough to do already!  I swear I’m my own worst enemy.
Many of the things for the party were made by me and so I’ve decided to post them here so you too can go forth and get in over your head.  As a result of this venture, I will be posting Halloweeny crafts and creations over the next three weeks leading up to Halloween. 
Every good party needs party people, right?  And how do you get people to gather peacefully in celebration? Why you send invitations, of course!  I wanted some that were real attention grabbers.  You know, invites that say, “get here or else!”  All joking aside, all I want to do is feed and entertain people.  Is that too much to ask for?
Martha Stewart makes these really cute invites that are actually fake fingers in a box with a note attached that states the party info.  Super cute!  I can’t argue with that.  While I could’ve totally gone with that concept, I wanted to be cheap and overcomplicate things.  This is where I went ahead and make my own twisted variety of invite.  I went with a morgue toe tag concept.

Here’s what you’ll need:
·         Polymer clay in your choice of death colors.  Also white or bone marrow colored.
·         Aluminum foil
·         A tool for smoothing out clay.  I just used a round pencil.
·         A pasta machine for making thin sheets of clay.  This is optional because you can just roll it out.  I just happened to have a pasta machine.
·         A baking sheet
·         Some large blank gift tags found in the wedding or paper crafts section of a craft store.
·         A printer for printing spooky images (optional)
·         Red paint or ink for adding bloodiness.
·         Rubber bands
Step 1- Make a large toe form using balled up foil.

Step 2- Flatten the clay and use this to cover the foil form.  I used white clay to create the bone part.

Step 3- Smooth out the clay.  Cut a square piece to make the nail.  Add little details that a toe would have. 

Step 4- Bake according to package directions.
Step 5- Paint blood spots onto the toe wherever you like.
Step 6- Using your neatest handwriting create spaces for the party info.  Add details like a toe tag would have such as the county you live in etc.  I hand printed and then made copies of the original.  You could type it all up if you like.

Step 7- To decorate the other side, I used clip art.  A city morgue seal would’ve been great but I couldn’t find one. 

Step 8- I filled in the party info with a red pen.  Then, I covered the invites in bloody finger prints.

(I would show you a picture but then you would all know my address and I might end up having to feed you.)
Step 9- Attach the tag to the toe by using a rubber band. 

You now have a severed toe tag invite!  My cost for 15 invitations was $5.74 with plenty of materials left over. 
Nydia 8)

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