Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Peace Offering Gift Box

Because it is February and I am busy as a bee, I decided that I would post a quickie Valentine craft.  This one is a gift box that I covered in decorative paper and decopaged with a picture and foam hearts.  Easy as canned meat for dinner!

I started out with this box.  My evil kids poked holes in it. 

 I covered the box with some decorative stripey scrapbooking paper.  While that dried, I took a marker and drew a couple of cracking up faces on my fingers.   I then took a picture of my hand making a peace sign.  I uploaded the image and added text and a frame using Picnik photo editing.  I printed the picture and decopaged that onto the box.  Last but not least, I glued on some foam hearts and voila; finished; makes a great little gift box!

It says, "You and me are two peace in a pod!"

Nydia 8)

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