Friday, February 18, 2011

I Ain't One To Gossip But...

Shhh... you didn't hear it from me (actually you are but I'm dramatic) but, next week I'm posting something kinda kewl!  Right now as you are reading this, I am crammed in a 15 passenger van with my parents and siblings and their kids and my kids and a butt-load of disfunctionality (word?) and tension.  I feel like I'm 13 all over again minus the zits!  We are heading over to Massachussetts for a family reunion.  Trust me I would rather get all my wisdom teeth taken out but I feel it's important to spend time with family.  (I have to say that or I'm cut off.)
Me in the middle.  I like the arms on that chair but check out the linoleum!

My giveaway is going well!  LOVE IT!  I'm seriously loving the comments and the new sites I have to visit.  You are all a creative bunch for sure!  Anyway, thanks for showing up and I pinky promise to keep posting some delightful bloggy goodness! 

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