Friday, December 31, 2010

Quite Possibly the MOST Expensive Thing I’ve Ever Made

Welcome back!  This here is a little project I saw on  When I saw it I was instantly attracted.  I flirted with the thought of making it.  I thought how hard could it be?  I thought: I’m crafty I can make it and make it cheaply.  How wrong I was!!!  This little, o.k. not so little, piece ended up costing me like 50 bucks!!!  What?!!!  You see, I didn’t have any of the required tools and supplies on hand.  I had a needle nose pliers but I couldn’t find it.  So, needless to say, everything on the materials list needed to be purchased.  Then, because I’m impatient, I ran right over to the craft store with nothing but my debit card.  No coupon, no rewards card, no teacher’s discount card, no clothes, no shoes.  I kid about the clothes and shoes but you do see what I mean.  I paid full price for every last thing!  Yuck!  Here are some of the steps I took as explained in Martha's tutorial. 

                                                          This is what you'll need. 

This is how you will start the first loop.

                                                          About 40 minutes later.

Luckily, the necklace turned out SUPER charming!  I got sooo many compliments on it and there is nothing finer than being able to say, “Yeah I made this”.  Martha doesn’t mess around. 
I did some math and figured out I could make more necklaces to give away; inexpensively.  So these are the pictures showing the process of making the second one.  I crunched some numbers and the second necklace cost about $8 to make.  Much better than the first one!!  I’ll be giving this one away to my friend, who bugged asked me to make it for her about 6 months ago!  Hey Hellcat (you know who you are <3) it’s finally done!!!

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  1. Well - at least for $50 you got more than one made and they did turn out nice :) (honestly - I just did something similar, ran to the craft store for something I just *had* to have, and you know - it was a Martha Stewart thing too!)



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