Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun Facts About Me

Over at The Idea Room there is a fun put it all out there type of party going on.  If you would like to check it out just click the link.  I decided to jump on board because there are few things I enjoy more than making fun of myself.  Here are some silly things about me that you probably didn't care to know. 

1.  I am CRAZY afraid of maggots!!!!  I don't know how this irrational fear came about because strangely enough, I'm not afraid of snakes.  A couple of summers ago my husband threw out $5 that were in a paper bag.  Being the cheap-o that I am, I couldn't bare to part with 5 bucks so I went to the trash can to fetch it.  This is where my logic went right out the window.  The cans had been sitting for a couple of very warm days full to the brim and covered.  I was wearing flippy floppies.  I lifted the lid without thinking and without hesitation an entire sheet of white landed on my feet.  Yep you guessed it!  An entire sheet of maggots!!!  Immediately I went crazy trying to shake them off.  Those suckers bite!!! Couldn't sleep for days!!!!

2. My hair grows FAST!  Superhuman fast in fact.  Two years ago I sported a bob, now I have hair down to my butt.  It's super annoying because I hate sitting for a haircut or dye job.  Locks of Love has been very thankful for the many donations over the years.

3. I've been in EIGHT car accidents!!! What?!!!  Yup eight and not so much as a scratch on me.  Thank God!! Three were actually my fault, the others were the cause of some other idiot.  I guess I've been lucky.  I usually let people know this before I give them a ride somewhere.  They usually opt out of said ride. 

4.  I count everything in my head.  I don't know why I do this.  I've never talked about it before but it's a little strange.  I'm not like Rainman or anything like that.  It's just a quirky thing I do that no one knows about.  I guess until now that is.  Who am I fooling?  My secret is totally safe because no one actually reads my blog. 

5.  I can't kill anything.  No people (obviously), no animals, no bugs, no plants.  My philosophy is this: If God gave it LIFE then who am I to take it from them?  I've been known to lure ants away from the house via food baits.  Thankfully my husband loves to kill flies and other vermin, otherwise I'd have a house full.  You might be thinking I'm a noble soul for being a kill free zone, but here's the catch... I am not a vegetarian.  I love me some animal muscle!!! I'll eat the skin too.  I feel like such a hypocrite.  I blame God for giving me incisors.

6.  The last thing I am willing to share is the fact that I had a pacifier habit up until the ripe old age of TWELVE!!! Can you believe it?  I had such an addiction that I would even take it with me to school!  I kept it in my pocket.  Gasp!  What's worse is I would pretend to look in my desk and put it in my mouth when no one was looking.  I never did get caught.  I don't know how I didn't end up with discintary.

Well that's me in a NUT shell.


  1. Hmmm . . . luring ants away with food bait. I'll have to try that. ;) I have a similar confession.

  2. I wish my hair would grow fast! It actually did before my 1st pregnancy but I cut it before my son was born and it just will not grow anymore. I thought being pregnant again it would change but no such luck. It's take me about a year to get it from my chin to my shoulders!

  3. I am with you on the hair thing! My hair grows really fast! Each time I get my hair cut it is almost like a brand new haircut every time! I can't believe you've been in that many car wrecks! You are so very lucky to not have gotten hurt! Happy New Year!

    Ruthie @ Tattered Bliss

  4. Haha, you might be why I've never had a wreck, you keep taking mine! I've been driving for 23 years...

  5. Hi there, cool post. I count things in my head too. Also...I spell out my thoughts in my head. I don't mean to, it just happens and I can't stop once it starts. So don't worry, I'm more weird than you!

  6. Well since you didn't kill the animal that your eating it doesn't count.


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