Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ugly Jar Candle Makeover

I have a super easy quicky project for you today.  I Hate with a capital H those ugly jar candles.  Mainly because they have those stupid labels on the front.  (Insert loud scream here!!!!)  I understand this is not a big problem.  I'm aware this doesn't require prayer or a call to 911.  It's just that they don't come off easily and taking the residue off requires me to search the entire house for the only bottle of GooGone that we own.  I'm lazy, remember?  I tried to pull the darn thing off and this is what I was left with.  

I nearly flipped the table.  True story.

As I counted backwards from 10, I realized that I could just cover it up with something.  Paper and fabric came to mind but I had the sudden image of myself with a ruler and cutting and measuring and possibly sweating and gluing and having to peel more of that label crap off and I nearly began to hyperventilate.  So, I decided to wrap the whole thing in twine!  

Twine, you lovely material that makes things quaint and rustic and lovely!  I love you Twine, for you are so pleasant and easy to work with.  Twine and Alleen's tacky glue made this project possible and quick and easy, might I add.

So basically all I did was use my glue gun to hold the first piece of heavenly twine onto the jar.  Then, I covered parts of the jar with Alleen's tacky glue and just wrapped.  I continued this process until it was all wrapped up and then I used my glue gun again to affix the final end of twine.  

At this point it felt naked.  I added a bow.  

I like it better now.  See how easy that was?! 

Nydia 8)

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