Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving DIY Wall Decor

I had a bare wall that needed "something".  I just wasn't sure what that something could be.  I did know, however, that I didn't want a wreath and I didn't want to pay retail price.  Oh, and it also had to be Thanksgiving related.  It is Thanksgiving time after all.  I had some donations to take to Goodwill and while I was there, I spotted this framed print. 

It was in excellent condition and it had the original price on it.  Hello... $40 bucks!  Goodwill wanted $15, jeesh!  My local Goodwill runs 50% off sales based on sticker color and egad it had the lucky red colored 50% off sticker! So do the math folks, it was $7.50.  I normally wouldn't have paid more than $5 bucks, but I was inspired! 
This print did NOT go with my overall look.  Sorry little girl in the prairie.

I turned it over and ripped the paper backing only to be thwarted by a gazillion staples.  As I pulled staple after staple I began to lose momentum, but I pressed on because I'm not a quitter and also because I knew after spending $7.50, I'd better have something to show for it.  After dealing with the staples, I took it outside and gave it a once over with a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  As this dried, I took out my Silhouette and made the vinyl cutout.  At first it was going to say, "Thankful, for I am blessed", but my vinyl jammed and I cursed so loud, the dog barked.  Needless to say, "Thankful" was all that survived. 

I think I like it better with just the one word, so no harm, no foul. 

I'm thankful this project only cost $7.50 and took only about 20 minutes of my time. 

Nydia 8)


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