Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Owl Gift Envelopes

I’ve been super busy lately!  I’m talking eating oatmeal while driving busy!  Don’t try this.  You see my sun plays little league baseball and he had three games a week plus practice.  Yeah seriously!  Also the games went from 5 to 8 pm.  That was tough on everyone; trust me.  But he loves to play ball and he’s quite good at it and I’m his biggest fan so everything had to be put on ice.  Capeesh? Finally the season is over for him and I’m beyond ready for a break.  Here’s the sad part though, he has played on the same team with the same coach and the same kids for three years now.  This was their last year together because next year they get drafted, whatever that means, into teams.    I wanted to hand out something to the boys to remind them to stay in touch.  Cards would’ve been good but I wanted to create something that wouldn’t get thrown out.  As I surfed the net for ideas, I came across this site.  I just immediately fell in love and so the following is my attempt at this level of genius.  Here’s what I did. 

First using my silhouette, I cut out a pillow envelope out of some pretty patterned cardstock.

Then I cut two large circles out of white paper and two small circles out of black vinyl.  These will be the eyes. 

I cut out two large ovals out of the envelope cardstock.  These will be the wings.  I also cut out 12 small circles, the same size as the vinyl circles.  I used a contrasting patterned paper.  These will be your feathers.

I cut out a heart out of orange patterned paper.  Then I cut the heart in half.  This will become your beak and claws. 

Finally you can glue all the parts down in this order.  I added whites to the eyes to give it a goofy look. 

Aren’t they cute?!!!  Oh and by the way on the back I wrote, “Owl miss you.  Let’s keep in touch.” I added my sun’s name and phone number.  I also filled the envelope with candy. 
I made one for his teacher as an end of year gift.  I put a gift card inside with a little thank you note. 

Nydia 8)



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