Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Bracelet Inspired by Anni Albers Washer Necklace

I use my summer to multilax.  You know; do multiple relaxation activities such as, chill pool side while working on a tan, while drinking a cold one, while reading a book.  Hard stuff!  I know I could be doing other more important things but summer comes but once a year and who am I to waste it?  The guilt of my sloth like behavior began getting to me and so I decided to work on a little productive procrastination project.  (Try saying that three times fast!) These are projects I work on while ignoring the actual important chores like mowing the laundry.  Ugh!  I know the laundry won't go away if I ignore it, but a girl can dream. 

This little bracelet was inspired by the Anni Albers washer necklace original.  You can make that using my same technique and staggering large, medium, and small washers.  A few bloggers have attempted to make this but I'm not much of a necklace person so I decided to make a bracelet instead.  This was so easy to make, even the village idiot could make one!  I'll cut to the chase, here are the instructions.  

This is what we're aiming for people.

My Amazing Tutorial

I used gray grosgrain ribbon.  It was free.  It came off some packaging. 

I stole eh-hem My husband gave me some washers.  Use as many as you need for the length you want.

Thread your ribbon through your washer.

Thread a second one.

Thread back through your first washer.

This is what you should have at this point.

Add another washer.

Put the ribbon back through the previous washer.

Keep going over and under in the same pattern until you have the length you need.

Super cute!!! Am I right?

Here I am holding a pineapple because I'm classy like that.  Oh by the way, this was FREE!

Nydia 8)


  1. Love this project! I will be using it as one of the crafts for our church's girls camp this summer. We're planning to make about 100 of them. I'm sure the girls will love making these! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. I'm so glad you are inspired. I'm sure the girls will make lovely bracelets. These are so easy to make. 8)

  3. We just got home from camp, and oh, boy, these bracelets were a hit! I bought 1000 washers at Home Depot and ended up using almost all of them. Crazy! I think every girl, leader, and visitor ended up wearing one home. Thanks for the inspiration!



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