Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Say My Name Chalkboard Wine Glasses

I saw some wine glasses in my travels last week and these left me awestruck.  They had a little chalkboard panel on the front in which you could write WITH CHALK!  Gee Willikers!  I was AMAZED!

I instantly became buy-curious and right before handing over the cash, I had a revelation.  I could make these things for free!  I mean for Pete's sake, I had all the supplies on hand already.  So crisis averted, my wallet threat was neutralized. 

I quickly went home and pulled out my cheapo wine glasses that I got at Ross for peanuts; actually 6 for $5.00.  Beat that, dollar store!  I also dug out my trusty can of chalkboard paint -seriously the best thing since sliced bread. 

Here's my tute on making these:

Step 1- Gather your materials.  You'll need a can of chalkboard paint, some painter's tape, some sandpaper, and a bag to cover the rest of the glass. 

Step 2- Tape off a rectangular section with your painter's tape.  Use your sandpaper to rough up the little area you'll be painting.  Rumor has it that doing this makes the paint adhere better.  After you've done the proper amount of sanding, be sure to cover the exposed areas of the glass with a plastic bag.

If you are reading carefully, you may notice that I now have 5 glasses.  One broke.  Poop.

Step 3- Spray paint your little heart away!  First spray a light coating and add two more coats afterwards, allowing the paint layers to dry in between applications.

Step 4- Take the tape and bag off.  Lightly rub the edge of your chalk over the chalkboard paint.  This primes your surface.  You are now ready to write whatever witty remarks or names you'd like. 

Aren't they Fab?!  Ok who wants a drink?

I was so happy with how these turned out that I got light headed and fainted a little.  Let's face it, they were cheap.  It's never a good idea to drop tons of cash on good glassware.  Especially when the glass will be used to hold a liquid intended to impair the judgement and motor skills of the holder.  And if you are anything like me, after a few drinks you too pick up other people's glasses.  Thanks to these bad boys I'll know exactly which glass is mine. 

Nydia 8)



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