Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Read Across America Class Project

     This year with the PARCC test happening during what seemed like the whole month of March, we didn't have much time to celebrate a certain unmentionable doctor's birthday. (Seriously I can't mention his name or I'll be sued.) 

     March is a LONG month around these parts. We have no breaks or holidays and all we did was test. We wanted to climb the walls! In the past years, we had a little bit of a fun break with all the wacky Dr. "Moose" activities. This year all the poor kids had was TESTING! Even my own son was all "OMG school is sooo boring".

     Alas, I created this little project to help ease some of the unrest. I teach 5th and 6th grade special education and can I tell you, these kids really enjoyed making these. I was so afraid they would think I was being lame. (Not really. I run this show.)

                   They wore their Wacky Wednesday gear.  The hat completed the look.

     I had already taught the specifics of a book report/review so really it was just a matter of them recalling these facts from books they've read. Thankfully, we happen to be preparing for the Battle of the Books in May, so my kids had a number of books already under their 5th and 6th grade belts. They just used those books to review. Best of all, I didn't have to suggest this. Second best of all, they reviewed for the battle. Third best of all, they thought they were having fun instead of learning. Ha ha joke's on them.

Here's one of my kiddos cutting out the top of the hat.  Oops she forgot to color it before hand.

Here is another student's handy work.  

One of the completed hats. 

This was an easy, fun project that my students enjoyed. If you want to try this with your class, you don't have to wait until March.  Check it out on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

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