Friday, April 24, 2015

Cool Bathroom Sign Made Out of Scrap Wood

I love when you go into someone's house and right off the bat you can picture their personality.  You're probably familiar with the feeling.  The place reeks of their interests.  Other homes you walk into look like a modge podge and you're left with the feeling that maybe the person has a multiple personality disorder.

I strongly believe that people are happiest in spaces that reflect who they are.  This brings me to my place.  I have a smart alec sense of humor.  Therefore, I have a few smart alec home decor items sprinkled throughout.  The place where this is most obvious is my powder room.

The powder room is where your guest can really inspect your home.   I mean really scrutinize.  They can sit in there as long as they want and judge.  If you have a cabinet, you better trust and believe they will go through it.  (Not everyone, but most.)  People do this out of curiosity, not because they're evil.

Here is one of the ways I add a small amount of personality to my home.  I saw a similar sign somewhere on the interweb but I don't remember who made it or where it came from.  I just thought it was cool and simple to make.  Best of all it was free!!

So you want to make this cool sign? 

Here's how...

I had this left over plank from another project.  

I cut out the corners and used the hole cutter attachment on my drill to create the shape of a tag. 
  I used spray paint to create the dark under layer of paint.  

I used my Silhouette Vinyl cutter to make letters and I placed them over the painted part. 

Next, I used some leftover house paint and painted over the vinyl letters.  After it was all dry, I peeled the vinyl off revealing the spray painted layer. 

The last step was to paint the circle cutout with brown acrylic paint.  I made the rope out of extra burlap string that I braided together. 

So basically for no money and a couple of hours of work, I have a really cool bathroom sign that reflects my personal sense of humor.  

There you have it folks! 

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