Thursday, April 16, 2015

A $20 Console Made to Look Like Pottery Barn Furniture

Horrible ain't she? 

Things just aren't made well any more.  Furniture construction is the perfect example of this.  I mean what the heck is particle board anyway?!  I'm telling you, I refuse to pay good money for crappy stuff.  This does not mean, however, that I won't pay little money for crappy stuff because even crappy stuff has it's place in the world.  More about that in another post.

I'm still trying to decorate my dining room and while I know it's not as urgent, as say, peace in the Middle East, it's something that keeps me up at night in my own little world.  But not for long folks, not for long.  You see, I found this little baby right here.  She was only $20!!! Say what?!!! I know, I got ripped off.  One can find better junk by the side of the road, but I was crushing hard!  I had a vision.  

She had no top!  No top people!  But look at those doors though.  I'm all about the doors.

I knew this piece was made for my dining room but first it needed an extreme makeover furniture edition.  I went straight to the HomeDepot and grabbed a $25 sheet of plywood, on the windiest day ever!  My much stronger, rugged, apprentice carried it to the truck for me and boy did I crack up when I saw him almost fly away with that thing!  I literally almost peed my pants.  I'm still laughing!!! I know.  I'm mean.  

So I got the plywood home and made a top for it.  Here I am making it.  

I had to sand down the edges so that I had curvy, smooth, edges for the top. 

Here I am nailing it with my handy dandy nailer.  Look ma! I wore goggles.  

So I made the top for this thing but I couldn't just leave it like this.  I had to sand, and prime, and paint.  All of my favorite things to do in this whole, wide, world.  NOT!!!

I used a brush to apply the primer but then I got really lazy and decided to just spray paint the whole thing.  All the supplies were leftovers from other projects so I spent no money on this part. Seriously though, I hate painting.  The torture of painting paid off though because I really love how it turned out. 

Here is the after.  Ta da!  I love her!!!

I seriously suck at photography.  I'm so sorry.  

Remember what she looked like people.  Keep this image in mind.  

From Trashy to Classy! Oh and did I mention she only cost $45?!!! 
I do poor really well.  What can I say?

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