Sunday, September 25, 2011

Polymer Clay Braided Bracelets

I haven't used polymer clay in a long time, but I saw this really cool bangle bracelet idea here and I felt I was ready to love again.  The bracelets had me foaming at the mouth thinking about the possibilities.  I thought of different color combinations, thicknesses, braid styles, etc.  Since I'm well stocked in craft supplies, understatement, I had plenty of polymer clay on hand but only in two colors.  This was fine with me because the colors suited the project just fine.  These bangles are super easy to make.

Mine are pearly white and granite gray.  

So without further ado here is the tutorial:

First you will break off 3 sections of clay and roll these into thin ropes.

There should be three long ones like this.

Next, you will braid these clay ropes, taking care to carefully attach the ends so they look continuous.  Smooth it out so it looks seamless. (Sorry about the picture quality, but I was too lazy to retake it.)

Finally, you will bake the pieces at 275 degrees for 20 minutes or whatever your brand of polymer clay asks for.
Wait until they cool, then wear them proudly and when someone gives you a compliment say, "oh these old things?"

Nydia 8)

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