Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Accent Piece Made of Toilet Paper Rolls

I've been making so many craperific things this summer.  Unfortunately, I haven't posted much because my computer broke and I've been borrowing my daughter's.  Ripping her away from Facebook has not been easy.  I can't wait to buy a new laptop but I'm holding out for a deal.  Here's a quick little project that I made months ago.  

This is actually a freecycle project that anyone with a tush can make.  Here's what you are aiming for: 

You can go with any shape really.  I just wanted to make it square because I love it like that. 

This is basically all you need to make it.  Obviously, you will need more than one roll of toilet paper.  You can also use paper towel rolls.  Be sure to cut the slices all the same size.  

Arrange and glue the pieces together in any form and shape you like.  I made a square because it looked feminine to me.  Once I had the shape I was looking for, I spray painted the whole thing white. 

Isn't this chic?!  By the way, I found the owl at a thrift store for a buck and the candle tray came from Ross for two bucks.  So this little vignette cost a whole three bucks to put together.  This came together quite easily and it's a great, easy project for little girls to make.  I hope you give this one a try.  

Nydia 8)


  1. I made something like this - isn't it fun? I love how yours came together.

  2. I love that.
    I have seen it before, but now i must make it.

  3. I'm loving this DIY....inexpensive and easy! What more could you ask for! I too made one some what like yours, but I think yours is cleaner than mine! LOL! But if you'd like to look at mine, I have posted your inspiration picture on my blog and my finished product as well, it should be posted tomorrow, 1/26/12... I hope you don't mind that I added your blog site to my post, so that people can come here to see my original inpsiration? I also want to put your site on my "Blogs worth visiting" location, if that is ok as well? Thank you for the inspiration and the chic cheap idea! Please feel free to come to my blog and see my finished product... "Life as I Ponder it... or Lishap16.blogspot.com.

  4. Brilliant. One of the very best I have read. Well written, with style and intelligence. I have spent hours looking for erotica like this. Resorting to writing it myself.
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