Sunday, March 18, 2012

Phone Pouch DIY

Warning: The following post has a ton of pictures.

So I've had a bit of bad luck lately.  Yeah, it all started with the day I dropped my iphone in the toilet.  Gross!  Needless to say it was ruined and I had to run out and buy another one.  That was frustrating but it got me thinking about future prevention.  That's where this little phone pouch comes in.  See the reason I dropped my phone in my own pee is because it was in my pocket.  I vowed to never let this happen to me again, so I got to work.  I should say however, that I claim to have absolutely no sewing experience or talent.  I wish I did but I'm just not that talented.  Someday maybe.

I had a bit of left over fabric scraps which were just the right size to sew a little envelope pouch.  All I did was sew around the edges and turn it inside out.  I ironed it out and then I used a grommet kit to put the grommet in.  I already had the supplies on hand.  The only thing I had to buy was the key ring and the toggle thingy.  I don't know what either one is called but you get the idea.  Sorry, I don't have the step by step pictures but this project was fueled by pure hatred of the Apple folks and their lack of waterproofing abilities.  Seriously though, why hasn't Apple made the attempt to create some waterproof merchandise?!

Here's the little iphone pouch. She's kind of cute. No more pee phone!

Here she is hanging off of my work lanyard.

Here she is hanging off of my handbag.  

No more digging through my purse to find this little sucker!

Here she is hanging from my belt loops.  No more back pocket phone slips into pee filled toilets.  Now that this problem has been solved, onto world peace!

Nydia 8)

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