Friday, August 10, 2012

Re Size Earrings That Are Way Too Big

The other night I went out to dinner with my husband and I got all gussied up.  You can relate; right?  Well, normally my hubs is all like, "Wow!  You look tasty.", or some other classy man statement.  However, the other night, he went all, "Holy cow!  Those earrings are BIG!", and he didn't mean this in a good way.  Don't get me wrong, I couldn't really care less about my husband's opinions on fashion but this somehow got me to thinking that maybe at my age, thirty something- cough, I might be getting too old for the whole wagon wheel sized earring fad.  The problem was I really liked those earrings.  What to do?  What to do?  I know!  Re size them!  And that's precisely what I did.  Check this out.

This earring was almost as big as my hand.  

First I had to unhook the loopy things from the earring hanger thingy.  Sorry, I'm not more technical with terms folks but I'm not a jewelry designer by any stretch of the imagination.  

I found something with the desired circumference I was looking for.  I bent the earrings around this bottle of glue to re size them.  

This is the new size I was left with.  I think it's a much better fit for the size of my head.  Don't you think? 

I cut the loopy things off.  

See the loopy end there all dismembered.  I used a wire cutter for the job.

I was left with a smaller more acceptable sized earring.  Oh and you can't mistake the cuteness.  

Nydia 8)

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